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Wine, Beer & Spirits

If you would like to see a full description of each wine, please ask your server for the separate wine list.


White Wine

Ancora (Pinot Grigio)  Italy, 12.5% 16.95
The height of fashion – notes of lychee and melon.
175ml 4.75  250ml 6.00

Cape Heights (Chardonnay) South Africa, 13% 16.95
Beautifully balanced, with hints of pale stone fruit, no oak.
175ml 4.75  250ml 6.00

Torres Santa Digna (Sauvignon Blanc) Chile, 13% 17.50
A class act – freshly mown lawns and greengages.
175ml 5.00  250ml 6.50

Navajas (Rioja Blanco) Spain, 12.5% 5.50
Superb young white rioja with good body and a zesty finish.

Picpoul de Pinet France, 12.5% 6.30
Sublime minerality and a dry finish make this the ideal accompaniment to sea food.


Red Wine

Cape Heights (Merlot) South Africa, 13% 16.95
Classic Merlot with intense plum and blackberry.
175ml 4.75  250ml 6.00

Torres Santa Digna (Cabernet Sauvignon) Chile, 13.5% 17.50
A silky, mouth-watering, blackcurrant infused, immaculate wine.
175ml 5.00  250ml 6.50

Soldiers Block (Shiraz) Australia, 14% 18.95
Chunky with notes of pepper and black forest fruit.
175ml 5.25  250ml 6.75

Rio Rica (Malbec) Chile, 13.5% 17.50
Dusky and plump with the distinct damson traits of this high fashion grape.

Navajas (Rioja) Spain, 13.5% 19.95
Super smooth Spaniard with hints of Vanilla and red currant.


Rosé Wine

Ancora (Pinot Grigio Rose) Italy, 12.5% 16.95
A light, dry, refreshing ‘blush’. Perfect for a sunny afternoon in Netherton.
175ml 4.75  250ml 6.00

Burlesque (White Zinfandel) USA, 11% 17.50
The original easy drinking rose – like strawberries and cream.
175ml 5.00  250ml 6.50


Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Prosecco Mini Italy, 11% 
The perfect antidote to a wet, grey day on the Pennines! Italy’s finest export.
200ml 6.50

Prosecco Italy, 11.5% 19.95
High fashion fizz – tantalizing bubbles and supremely quaffable.


Pudding Wine

Vina Tabali Late Harvest (Muscat) Chile, 12.5% 
½ Bottle 12.50  125ml 4.95




Draught Beer

Peroni Lager
Half 2.10  Pint 4.20


Bottle Beer (All 500ml)

Samuel Smith Tadcaster (5.0% abv) 4.20
Pure brewed lager. The cold maturation improves this Yorkshire Lager’s flavour, purity and condition.

Krombacher Germany (5.0% abv) 4.20
Brewed under Germany’s strict Purity law of 1516 using only water, barley, malt and hops.

Blacksheep Ale Masham (4.4% abv) 4.20
The culmination of five generations of brewing expertise. Brewed in Masham, North Yorkshire. A very popular ale.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Keighley (4.4% abv) 4.20
A classic pale ale, boasting a full-flavoured brew which has won many awards. Madonna’s favourite tipple!

Becks Germany 275ml  (4.8% abv) 3.20
Brewed in accordance with Germany’s Purity Law since 1873.  



Pure North Cider Original Medium Dry 500ml (6.0% abv) 4.20
Nestled in the Holme Valley lies the Pure North Cider Press producing the finest natural cider blend and free from all preservatives.

Kopparberg with Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4.0% abv) 4.20
Made in the heart of Sweden by a family owned brewery.



Apéritif & Vermouth

Martini Extra Dry 50ml 2.70

Cinzano Bianco 50ml 2.70

Noilly Pratt 50ml 2.70

Martini Rosso 50ml 2.70

Pimms No1 Cup 50ml 2.70

Pernod 25ml 2.70

Bendictine 25ml 3.20


Sherry All 50ml

José de Soto Pale Cream 2.70

José de Soto Amontillado 2.70

José de Soto Fino 2.70


Gin All 25ml

Bombay Sapphire 2.70

Plymouth Gin 2.70

Tanqueray Gin 3.20

Hendricks Gin 3.20

Jacqson Gin 3.20


Vodka All 25ml

Absolut Blue Vodka 2.70

Wyborowa 2.70

Belvedere Vodka 3.50


Rum All 25ml

Lambs Dark Rum 2.70


Whisky All 25ml

Jack Daniels 2.70

The Macallan 10 yr old 3.20

The Glenlivet 12 yr old 3.20


Liqueur & Digestif All 25ml

Grand Marnier 3.20

Cointreau 3.20

Drambuie 3.20

Luxardo Sambucca 2.70

Di Saranno Amaretto 2.70

Baileys 2.70

Chambord 2.70

Kahlua 2.70

Silver Tequila 2.70

Sloe Gin 2.70

Sloe Whisky 2.70

Sloe Vodka 2.70


Brandy All 25ml

Courvoisier 3.20

Remy Martin VSOP 3.50

Hine Grande Champagne 1986 3.90


Port All 50ml

Krohn Heritage Fine Tawny Port 3.20

Krohn Late Bottled Vintage 2005 3.50

Krohn Ruby 3.20



Cold Drinks (approx. 300-330ml)

Hinchliffe’s Fresh Orange Juice 2.50

Fresh Apple Juice 2.20

Coca Cola 2.40

Diet Coke 2.20

Sunkist Orange 2.20

Lemonade 2.20

Ginger Beer 2.20

Cranberry Juice 2.20

Vimto 2.20

Schweppes Tonic (Bottle) 1.30

Small Dash of Cordial 0.50

Small Dash of Mixer 0.65

Large Mixer 1.20

Mineral Water Sparkling or Still
Sm 2.25  Lrg 4.50


Fever Tree
Premium Indian Tonic Water, Mediterranean Tonic Water, Aromatic Tonic  Water, Lemon Tonic Water, Ginger Ale 1.65


Franklin & Son’s Sparkling Drinks
Lemonade & Elderflower, Strawberry & Raspberry, Dandelion & Burdock, Apple & Rhubarb, Ginger Beer 2.50

Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Made simply with Milk & Ice Cream, topped with Marshmallows 2.95

Kid’s Soft Drinks

Please see the Children’s menu for list of drinks


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