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This means we know exactly what goes into each animal: caring for it from the day it’s born, maximizing its welfare, purely grass fed on our farms across Holmfirth & Huddersfield and handling it to produce beef with the best flavour and texture before it’s butchered on site by our highly-skilled butchers.

Operating completely independently of hatcheries and feed firms, we rear our birds in a carefully designed barn system which allows them freedom of movement and promotes natural behaviours, great general well-being and improved temperament.

  1. Neck Long and slow cooking will release a good flavour and produce a good tasty gravy or sauce. Cooking method: Slow cook Clod This is an economical cut that is a flavourful, but is a much less tender meat. Cooking method: Slow cook
  2. Chuck and Blade A little tenderer than stewing steak. Can be ideally used in casseroles, stews and for braising.
  3. Fore Rib Sold ‘boned and rolled’, ‘French trimmed’ or ‘on the bone’, has good marbling throughout the flesh and has excellent fat cover on the outside making for a superb roast. This can also be cut into steak ‘Ribeye’s’, ideal for grilling, frying or barbecuing.
  4. Thick Rib This cut is somewhat tenderer than stewing steak and is ideal for use in casseroles, stews and for braising.
  5. Thin Rib The meat on the ribs are accompanied by seams of fat that add flavour once the dissolved into the beef. When cooked slow, the thin rib of beef provides a tender texture with a rich and indulgent taste.
  6. Brisket This joint is suitable for slow cooking or pot roasting. Brisket is the cut traditionally used for making corned beef; it is also used for lean mince.
  7. Sirlion A prime cut, which is perfect for a classic Sunday roast. Sirloin steak is taken from the same area but is cut into steaks. These are prime cuts, which are suitable for grilling, frying, stir-fries and barbecuing.
  8. Flank Meat from this area is often known as ‘skirt’. It has plenty of fat marbling making it moist and flavoursome. This cut is good for grilling, frying or barbecuing.
  9. Rump although this is a prime cut, it’s often cheaper than fillet or sirloin, because it’s not quite as tender. However many say that it has a far superior flavour than sirloin or fillet. Rump is suitable for quick cooking such as frying, stir-fry, grilling and barbecuing.
  10. Topside This is a very lean joint and often has a layer of fat tied around it to help baste and keep it moist. This is also suitable for cutting into steaks to fry, grill or use in stir-fries.
  11. Silverside This very lean piece of meat is now most often sold as a joint for roasting; regular basting is recommended during the cooking process.
  12. Thick Flank This joint is also known as ‘top rump’ good for slow roasting as a joint or braised in pieces.
  13. Shin Generally sold as stewing steak it is best suited for long, slow cooking to breakdown the high proportion of connective tissues and denser fibres, it also makes for thick sauces and gravy.
  14. Leg As above.

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A high specification redevelopment of an existing Farm Shop, Restaurant & Butchery. Following a fire which devastated the original premises, and to
replace current temporary buildings - the scheme will both restore and greatly improve on these previous facilities.

Part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


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