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Proud to offer properly sourced meat

Want to know where the meat in your burger came from? How your Sunday Roast was cared for? What went into your Steak?


At Hinchliffe’s we’re proud to offer beef that has been with us from pasture to plate.

This means we know exactly what goes into each animal: caring it for it from the day it’s born, maximizing its welfare, and feeding and handling it to produce beef with the best flavour and texture before it’s butchered on site by our highly-skilled butchers.

  Hinchliffe's cattle
Hinchliffe's sheep  

Established in 1929

Set up as a butcher’s in 1929, our traditional butchery shop remains at the heart of Hinchliffe’s, selling award-winning fresh beef from our own herd of South Devons; chicken, pork and lamb from trusted local suppliers; and everything else you’d expect from a first-class butchers, but with one subtle difference – we care.


On the Farm

At Hinchliffe’s, we care for our cattle as much as we care for our customers, and ensure only the best meat possible is produced from our free range herd.

Our customers have the peace of mind that our beef and other carefully selected meat from local suppliers is 100% traceable.

Our fervour for farming means our focus is always on our superb herd of pedigree South Devons and our other carefully selected breeds.

  Hinchliffe's farmers
Hinchliffe's grass feed cows  

Our cows feed on grass when out on pasture and natural silage during the winter months; what the cattle eat, affects the quality of the meat, and at Hinchliffe’s our meat is marvellous!

Not only are our cattle cared for to the highest standard, but our skilled team of butchers are experts at what they do, so expect to find only the very best beef at Hinchliffe’s butchery counter.


Pride and provenance

You can be assured of two things at our traditional butchery shop: we know exactly where our meat comes from and we take pride in butchering it properly.

All the beef cuts we sell in our shop are from our own herd; hung for 28-days to give superior flavour and texture, and butchered and trimmed on site by our team of highly-experienced butchers using skills passed down four generations.

All our other meat is sourced from suppliers we know and trust. Pure and simple: nothing added, nothing taken away – just good meat.

  Premium cut meat from Hinchliffe's butchery
Premium cut meat from Hinchliffe's butchery  

Our Butchery Team

Led by Head Butchers Richard Hirst and Sean Tyndall, our team bone out and cure our Beef and make Pies and Sausages on site, passing ancient skills onto young apprentices.

“There are no short cuts with our meat. We’re there at every stage of the animal’s development and use skills handed down four generations of our family to produce the best tasting, judiciously sourced beef we can – pure and simple. Our customers trust us that only 100% beef goes into our products"

Simon Hirst, Partner at Hinchliffe's Farm





Our Bacon, Rib of Beef, Sausages, Pies and Pasties are ALL award-winners with our homemade Pork Pies voted ‘Best in Britain’ in 2011, 2012 & 2014 (2nd in 2013 & 2016) by the Pork Pie Appreciation Society. Click below to see the full list of current awards

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Hinchliffe Partnership LLP New Farm Shop & Café

A high specification redevelopment of an existing Farm Shop, Restaurant & Butchery. Following a fire which devastated the original premises, and to
replace current temporary buildings - the scheme will both restore and greatly improve on these previous facilities.

Part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


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Hinchliffe’s Farm, Netherton Moor Road, Netherton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD4 7LE

Tel: 01484 661231 / Email:

Farm Shop opening times: Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 5.30pm, Sunday: 10.00am to 4.00pm
The Rusty Bull opening times: Sunday to Thursday: 9.00am to 5.30pm, Friday and Saturday: 9.00am to Late